The Best Health Insurance Options for Women

The Affordable Care Act has improved women's health care since it was enacted in 2010. With the ACA, women can now find the best insurance for their personal needs rather than being limited to whatever coverage will approve their application.

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The Best Health Insurance For Women

THING Before the ACA, sex-specific health issues, such as pregnancy and even experience with sexual assault, were often barriers to affordable healthcare.

Under the new healthcare reform law, women can no longer be charged more than men for major medical insurance nor be denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions.

 The healthcare reform law radically changed the reality for women who try to buy individual major medical insurance plans: they can no longer be charged more than men for the same policy, and coverage is guaranteed issue. 

Here, we will take a closer look at three health insurance coverage options for obtaining the best women’s health services: ACA plans, short-term medical plans and Medicaid.

  1. How ACA Plans Cover Women 

    Individual major medical plans include a broad range of benefits from preventive care services to hospitalization. A number of these benefits are specific to women’s health, which is why it is so important to pick the right plan for you.

  2. Short-Term Medical Insurance + Women’s Health

    Short-term medical insurance is designed to provide temporary benefits when you’re in between major medical plans. This type of insurance does not typically cover health issues specific to women and pregnancy, but that’s about to change with the introduction of new generation plans.
  3. Medicaid 

    Medicaid provides coverage for low-income and pregnant women, and covers a majority of births in the United States. Medicaid is also the largest public payer for family planning services, providing prenatal and maternal care to many women.

It's important to compare both monthly premium and out-of-pocket costs when you compare healthcare policies. If you need healthcare, can you afford the deductible or coinsurance? Generally, a plan with a lower monthly deductible will come with higher out-of-pocket costs and vice versa.

Before signing up to a health insurance plan, be sure that it will cover your personal healthcare needs. For example, if you are planning on becoming pregnant, make sure the plan you're considering includes prenatal benefits. Contacting the health insurer and consulting with a licensed health insurance advisor is recommended to help determine your options and select coverage.

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